Value Entertaining

Value Entertaining

Lavish parties are relics of the past. Value entertaining is the new chic.

During the current economic times, people are searching for budget-friendly ways to entertain friends and family.

Pasta, as many people are finding out, is a terrific way to impress your guests without emptying your wallet.

The top five reasons pasta belongs on your table the next time you're entertaining guests.

1. Versatility

Stir in beef, chicken or shrimp. Add some veggies. Use red or white sauce. From traditional Italian favorites to casseroles and soups, a single package of pasta in your pantry can help make almost any type of meal imaginable. Need something light and summery? Something tasty for the holidays? A simple meal for the kids? A romantic dinner for two?

Pasta helps make any and every occasion easy, fun and, most of all, memorable.

2. Price

It's no secret. Food is as costly as it's ever been. Pasta, however, remains an affordable option. Whether you're serving the immediate or extended family, a few guests or several, pasta helps keep the price down and the second helpings coming …

3. Taste

Some people are picky eaters. The last thing you want during a get-together is to leave your guests hungry or picking at their food. Across centuries and civilizations, pasta has remained a classic favorite, offering a fresh taste enjoyed by almost everyone.

4. Easy

Boiling pasta takes a matter of minutes. Pre-made sauces generally don't take much longer than a simple simmer. No need to toil away in the kitchen. Pasta helps make feeding a crowd quick and easy.

5. Leftovers

Leftovers can be boring and unappetizing. And simply throwing away extra food away can be expensive. Leftover pasta, however, means that you can make a completely different—and exciting—meal the following day. Just try a new sauce or topping. Be as creative as you want. When your guests leave, your weekly menu is just beginning.