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Mueller's has been welcomed at American tables for over 100 years. Whether you prefer Mueller's 100% Whole Grain, Hidden Veggie, or traditional pasta, Mueller's offers classic American pasta for everyone and any occasion. Mueller's. The American Classic Pasta.

  • Mueller's Traditional

    Traditional Pasta

    The stresses and time-crunch of modern life call for easy meal solutions. An easy to prepare, easy-to-love, wholesome meal the whole family can enjoy begins with one simple ingredient: Mueller's Pasta.
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  • Mueller's Pot-Sized™ Pasta

    Pot-Sized Pasta

    You've waited too long for pasta this short. With Pot-Sized™ Pasta, we've taken our delicious, traditional pasta and cut it in half so it fits into the pot straight out of the box. Now you don't have to break it, or deal with the mess.
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  • Mueller's Hidden Veggie

    Hidden Veggie

    Mueller's Hidden Veggie line of pasta has the same great taste, texture and color that you've come to trust from Mueller's. And with a full serving of vegetables in every 4 oz. portion of pasta, Hidden Veggie is the delicious way to add goodness to your family's meals.
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  • Mueller's Whole Grain

    100% Whole Grain

    With just one single, all-natural ingredient and 2.5x more fiber than regular pasta, Mueller's 100% Whole Grain Pasta offers wholesome goodness with the taste you love from America's classic pasta brand.
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  • Mueller's Gluten Free

    Gluten Free

    If you're looking for a wheat-free way to enjoy pasta, Mueller's Gluten Free Pasta is a delicious blend of corn and rice that delivers traditional pasta flavor and texture without any gluten. It's the perfect choice for families with a gluten intolerance or simply a desire to eat gluten free–from America's classic pasta brand.
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  • Mueller's Noodles & Ribbons

    Noodles & Ribbons

    Golden and tender, Mueller's Noodles and Ribbons are the delicious basis of many comforting meals your family will love.
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