An American Original Since 1867

In 1867, German immigrant and professional baker Christian F. Mueller began making egg noodles by hand in his home in New Jersey. A one-man operation, Mueller handled production, sales, and delivery, selling his homemade noodles house-to-house from a wicker basket.  Mueller’s noodles quickly became popular with local cooks.


Twenty-three years later, the business had grown significantly and Mueller opened his first pasta kitchen in Newark.  By 1890, Mueller’s noodles were available in grocery stores in the Northeast and Mueller had expanded his offerings to include macaroni and spaghetti pastas. As the demand for Mueller’s pasta products steadily grew, availability expanded along the east coast from Maine to Florida.


Today, Mueller’s Pasta remains a family favorite throughout the United States.  Bringing inspiration to the kitchen with the best ingredients, including 100% North American Durum semolina, Mueller’s Pasta is the original American pasta brand.